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Welcome to MODELZINES! we build money makingmodel websites, with expandable functionality and ease of use.

MODELZINES main focus is for models to have an independent website that gives them full control and ownership of everything from the domain name, hosting, billing and more. It's time for you to be the boss!


Account Ownership - By owning your own accounts with Godaddy, CCbill and Amazon you will never have to worry about someone else putting your business in jeopardy.

Domain Name- It all starts with the your own domain name! By owning your own domain name it allows you to build and brand yourself. We only recommend for each model to own their own domain name and never ever ever let someone else own it for you. It’s also important to purchase domain name protection so that your information is not accessible to the outside world. Please purchase your domain name through because we do all of our work through Godaddy and everything syncs together nicely. Beware of Godaddy’s unique selling strategy that will try to automatically upgrade you to a 5 year plan using strategic billing to entice you. We recommend going 1 year at a time unless you are absolutely sure that you are not going anywhere soon and you want to purchase multiple years upfront.

Hosting Account - All of our websites are serviced on so please purchase a Wordpress Website Hosting Standard Plan only. Godaddy is the leader in this type of hosting and our developers are trained to work inside the Godaddy control panel. We recommend to purchase no more than 6 months upfront. Beware again of Godaddy’s unique billing methods to entice customers to spend more than needed unless you are absolutely sure. High-Risk Billing Processor- For several years, independent models have tried to use non-adult credit card processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Google Wallet and many others to accepts payments for adult related content which is a huge NO-NO!. If you have not experienced being banned for life from one of these companies while using their service then consider yourself lucky, BUT they will soon find out when customers do chargebacks on your account and they begin to study why and next thing you know they freeze your account and seize all of your money. Many company like connectpal, supe and others try to also fly under the radar and they also risk of being shut down. When they get shut down you get shut down. The people that choose to risk this is either because they don’t want to pay the higher fees to accept adult content or they simply didn’t know. Any company that is not high-risk charges small fees around 3% but high-risk processors charge 15%. With you will get much more support and ability to run our systems properly with their open ended technical ability. Don’t run the risk and do the right thing and never worry.

Amazon s3 - Streaming video to your customers is not an easy task. The only way to do this is to have your own dedicated server and server administrator and both are extremely complex and very expensive. You can’t load your content to Vimeo or youtube so now what? Well thank Amazon because with Amazon s3 and cloud front you can host your adult content and stream your videos to your customers. Not only that you can also protect your content from being downloaded by those ratty hackers. We will guide you through the process of creating your own Amazon account so you will never have to worry again about your web developer using your content against you.

Email Account - You most likely have an email account with gmail, yahoo, etc.. but with your new branding you may want to have an email account that brands your domain name such as This can be easily purchased at and will sync directly with your domain name.

Wordpress Website- Every website must have a shell which is what Wordpress is. You will be able to expand as much as you want with this highly popular website platform. All of our add ons are implemented and tested inside Wordpress. With Wordpress you will be able to load shopping carts, run statistics, shield hackers and much much more. We have designed 3 easy to use templates that you can choose from. All of them have been created for ease-of-use along with everything you need to have a successful online presence. We believe to not complicate matters so if you want to hire a design team to customize every single pixel then go right ahead but we believe in functionality pays the bills more than form. Beware that if you hire a designer to redo our design features that there is a high probability that the website can come tumbling down. We will not fix it if this happens.

Model Members Pro (Licensed) - This add on plugin is a tool that allows you to upload images and video easily to the amazon s3 cloud front allowing you to stream protected content to your customers. Upload from your phone or desktop and charge your customers a recurring monthly or one-time fee. View all of the customer information directly inside your admin portal. Eliminate using companies such as supe, connectpal, manyvids and many others who take nearly 50% of YOUR money. (This plugin is licensed to only one domain name and can not be resold.)

Tip Me Please™ - is a simple plug-in add-on that allows your customers to pay you a tip. All customer tips are stored into your model dashboard so you can see who tipped you. All payments integrate perfectly into It’s a must have tool for today’s online models.

Statistics - Find out everything you need to know about your visitors with WP Statistics plugin. You can see ip addresses, locations, referring websites, keyword searches, and much more. Don’t run your business in the dark.

Consultation - When getting a website with us you will always get the proper information that you need to feel comfortable and knowledgable about each step when building and using every part of your website.

Skype Payments - Don’t try to juggle your customers without a well thought out system that allows you to run your Skype shows. Our add on plugin will help you keep track of all your paying Skype customers.

Online Store - Selling online has never been easier with our seamless online shopping cart. Now sell posters, bikinis and more. There are many solutions and we will consult with you until you find the one that you need.

Instagram Feed Widget - Now you can feed your Instagram feed directly into your own website. It can be your online gallery so you can eliminate that extra step of having to load content to your website to keep customers engaged. It’s all automatic!

Contact Form - Contact forms are a simple customizable plugin that allows your customers to send you information through a form. It eliminates direct email and can be tailored to your liking.

Security - Every website is subject to being hacked and it’s imperative that your website has the security needed to protect you. We have chosen a few great security plugins that will prevent most of those ratty hackers that have nothing better to do with their lives.

Backups - Backing up your website is easy with Godaddy. Feel safe and secure knowing that if anything bad happens you can always retrieve it and back it up.